Liberal Black Mamba

My son mentioned the other day that President Obama is moving his programs towards the middle of the political spectrum. That same morning the newspaper had an article on the theory that the Democrats had reelected Nancy Pelosi in order to keep President Obama from straying too far to the right. Keep in mind that Obama was the most politically liberal senator during his time in the Senate.

I was reminded of the story of the turtle and the Black Mamba, a very poisonous land snake. One day the turtle was down by the creek bank when he saw his friend, a very attractive female turtle, on the other side so he decided to swim over the creek and hang out with her. As he started, a Black Mamba appeared. As the turtle grew fearful, the Mamba called out to the turtle and said that he wanted a ride across the creek as he was not able to swim. The turtle replied that he could not do so as the Mamba would bite and kill him. The Mamba then said that he had changed. He told the turtle that all animals needed to change and get along together so that they could all hope for a better future. He also reminded the turtle that if he bit the turtle, then they both would die during the crossing. The turtle started to relax as the Mamba was very convincing. The turtle also hoped for change as the turtle really did want to live in peace. So the turtle said alright and the Mamba jumped aboard. As they started in the water, the Mamba kept talking and his soothing tones and his kind language comforted the turtle. The turtle did a good job of navigating the creek, always missing debris that was floating by. However, the Mamba grew apprehensive as it did not anticipate all the interference that the debris were causing. The Mamba’s soothing tones changed and the Mamba kept calling out to the Turtle to miss certain debris. Finally the Mamba reached it breaking point and bit the turtle. As the turtle stopped swimming and started dying, the turtle asked the Mamba, why after promising change and realizing that if he bit the turtle that they both would die, he had actually bit the turtle. The Mamba said that he was sorry, but that after all, he had only done what was in his nature.

My son said that he liked the story, but what was the point? Pelosi need not worry. Obama’s nature is so far left, that no matter what he says or does, his nature will still be at the very end of the far left. Also, just like the Black Mamba, the theory is good, but as the debris from the Republican opposition appears, the nature of the ideology will always force the left to destroy itself.


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